LOVe Defined

Love = The concept in Which one feels  intense affection

But I want to believe in a love stronger than sexual connection

Its a never ending Cycle

We're fallin in love Break up You abuse my love and we end up disconnected 

Cracks in your facade

 But you keep me shake and quakin like san Andreas 

Nobody fault but mine cause I let you cross the Line And Now I'm dying 

 I'm crying and trying to believe you when you say you love me

But if your lying out of love then

your love is lying minus loyalty you've been stripped of your crown Jewels

My momma warned me about men like you 

she said "baby girl realize you were made for a king and nothing less

 give a diamond to a bum a watch him sell it for a crack rock 

I should've let go a long time ago and told you to crack rocks 

but I let  you stay and let you make a fool me 

Cause you where bed rock something like a hometown to me 

I thought in you I found a piece Of me 

never evaluating the fact that mentally You and I are'nt meant to be 

Spiritually you were bound but I was free and 

you constantly tired latching your shackles onto me 

Bringing my spirits down claim to be holding me down 

As if you were ride or die.

But all you ever did was lie .... 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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