Love Bound


United States
36° 54' 40.5468" N, 119° 34' 49.2996" W

(poems go here) Flower petals whirled inside her heart
Sparks of electrifying hope surged through her veins
The essence of love encased her body and radiated a glorifying heat

Cherish able memories bind together, weaving intricate knots of art
A period of sweet serenity reigns
A sincerity of passion causes their heart to meet

Unbreakable chains link together, never to part
All the while a devil’s destruction feigns
However the love is too strong, covering deception with a sheet

The romance spreads, piercing through the body like a dart
His touch leaves no stains
There is nothing in the world this feeling can’t beat

All these emotions make your mind go crazy
But you’ll always have love and it will never get hazy


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