In Love With An Angel

She don't belong to me, another woman has her heart. Saddened with grief, I cry the tears of memories missed. Will I ever love another woman just the same? Perhaps better? You make it hard to wanna know another, cause I honestly don't give a damn who's next. My heart grew accustomed to your company, the shine of your smile, the wonder in your eyes. You make it hard to loosen my grip, cause those beautiful wings will carry you away. All I'll have to remember you is a white gold feather. Why did you take my heart? You have it for keeps, you know I'm as crazy for you as a mental case in a straight jacket. Maybe this is a slap to straighten my attitude. Oh cause I have one, cause I don't have you. Always, I'll cherish a love so unforgettable. You make my heart smile even when it isn't intentional. My love will never be one sided, but dimensional. In love with the potential you saw before me, the prayer you taught, the bible you gave for keeps. I fell for you cause God sent you when I didn't want to journey. I'm still in love. What do I do?

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