Love and Care

To love and care:

is to be there

when the times are rough,

is to stare

the bullies square in the eye and say "enough",

is to be aware

of the hurt and the pain...

and all that sadder stuff,

where others only think what there is to gain.


A real friendship is truer than physics,

despite what common universal law dictates,

but the mind is more powerful than any weights,

and the heart is what breaks those prison gates.


They help and you help back,

they do not use or refuse,

there isn't drama to defuse,

it isn't about that.

It is simple but can confuse,

its about as much as a friendly chat,

not whoever you don't like reduced to a nat,

of which a person in snickering agreement you use.


A friend is someone to look up to.

A friend is someone to inspire.

A friend is someone you can choose.

A friend shouldn't tangle you in wires.

A friend is you.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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