Of Love and Arms

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 20:20 -- cm1398

Sunshine warm on bright green grass,
And a red blanket holding the happiness,
Of two wrapped up
In love and arms

The wind does not blow
The clouds stand still
Nothing dares to move
For fear that this moment
Of love and arms
Is too fragile to withstand
Any disruption, any change

But the two shake their heads at the quiet scene
At the calmness in this secret place
They insist they can stand at least some movement
At least some change
What’s the fun in standing still anyway?
So they unwrap the arms
And let the world move again

But the calm, the calm
Where did it go?
Why is it all gone?
Why couldn’t they have just stood still?
The arms are reaching, longing for each other

But the love
The love
Was lost in the storm.



I just got back into writing poetry. This sort of just flew off my fingers, and I like the flow of it. Hope you do too! :)


This is a beautiful poem! I love how you tell a whole story that the reader can become attached to without really having a lot of information about the people you're writing about. Definitely keep writing, and if you want even more inspiration for poetry writing, check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section!

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