Love After Divorce

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 17:07 -- Emjay

The world is so beautiful when you are young

Full of so many possibilities that fill your mind and fill your heart

Daddy says I can do anything when I grow up,

Momma tells me who I should be

Daddy and momma are fighting again,

I wish I could understand

Why everything fell to pieces

Momma is crying on the floor, I crawl into her lap

She says I need a man to be complete and happy.

What about me?


Daddy finds a wife, they are happy

But momma won’t stop searching

As time passes I know nothing else than two of everything

I grab my things and keep on moving

Every week

Is this what love is supposed to be?


Momma tells me she found someone again, I’m glad I didn’t know better

When we did something wrong, it was like the world was ending

Daddy, momma says I need someone older and rich

She says I have to stay in the kitchen and do the dishes

Daddy make it stop

You said I could be anything

Momma says I have to stay at home, is that all I’m supposed to want?

Daddy, I don’t like the people she loves, I never did.

Daddy, I’m afraid-

If this is what love is, I know what I want to be.


Alone, for the rest of my life,

For eternity.


Daddy, why are you sad? You don’t have to worry about me.


The trees changed color and there was nothing we could do

I was tired of hearing the same old things, so I stayed away from any chance of being

A repeat of what my parents went through

I ran for miles, I never stopped

I wasn’t there to be chased

But I had never been caught.

Boys only brought problems,

I would never escape the shadow

My mom made me live in.

one day I looked up.

These blue eyes were watching me.

The kindest hands wrapped around mine

The softest heart walked beside me, willingly.

What is this?

There were moments fear would take over and I would run from him

Would I become just like her?

Would all I ever be is waiting on my husband forever?

Is this all I was worth…?

Time and time again, those blue eyes closed and you shook your head.



For the first time, I’m finally standing.

Hey daddy, this time, you really don’t have to worry

It’s been three years now. I’m finally free.

I’ve learned that God didn’t make me to be a repeat.

I am not created to be anyone else but me.

I work on myself every day to be better than

What I’ve been told-


Hey daddy?

Thank you for believing in me.

I can finally dream,

And one day

I know I will get married.


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