Love as an action

It is hard to decipher

Exactly what love is,

But I surely know

What it isn’t.


Love is not just what you say -

It’s how you say it.

I can say “I love you”

in a hundred inflections;

Yet, it’s all just words.


Love does not utter

“Because I love you”

Like some compulsive word vomit

Spewing from your mouth

Every time I question

Your manipulation;

It’s not hieroglyphics

Designed to confuse and peruse.


It’s action with pure intention.


Words talk quietly;

Actions speak fluently.  

Anyone can talk;

I need someone



While feelings are fleeting

And Society is cynical,

Love abounds

In those profound fissures

Of our wounded hearts

Stepping forth unexpectedly.

Love is healing.


Love is a significant other,

A friend, a father, a brother.

Love is trying,


Even u n n e r v i n g

At times.

Love is also worthwhile,



A daily choice to rejoice

Despite obstacles.

Love is freeing and simply being.

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My family
Our world
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