I never get tired of listening to you talk about what you love
Whenever you speak I can hear the passion in your voice
When you look at me and tell me about your aesthetics
I can see that same passion in your eyes
And honestly it all makes me fall in love
You have something special about you, a gift from above
The vibration you spread circulates and secures my aura
Your energy is the manifestation of positivity
And that force not only protects but inspires me
You are my muse and I look up to you because you possess divinity
No human is perfect but I can see the God in you
I can see the King in you and since I’ve fallen in love I am under your rule
You’ve shown me that you have a passion for me
I am what I never get tired of listening to you talk about
I am your aesthetic
You have shown me that I am the moon that beams
Whenever you are in your darkest hours
Your love for me inspires me and I’d like to show you
That my love for you is also a burning passion
My love for you is the same love you have for me

– Elisabeth Bellevue

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