It begins when your lost,
And have nowhere to go,
You wander in a trance,
Love not something you know.
And then when you meet him,
You feel your heart race,
Feeling utterly unwantable,
When ever you look at his face.
His looks are not what draw you,
It's his presence you crave,
So sweet and caring,
You think of him everyday.
Without realizing,
You truly feel love,
He becomes your best friend,
The closest one you can think of.
Soon desire is burning,
Though your lips are sealed tight,
The boy that you love,
And dream of every night.
As time takes its course,
You do not move on,
Instead spending hours,
Listening to your favorite love song.
Your friendship is true,
And you're terrified of losing it,
Yet you spend all your time,
Feeling your lonely heart split.
Light still engulfs you,
Brighter than a thousand suns,
Whenever he speaks to you,
Your day suddenly fun.
Then there are the long days,
Where his presence is lacking,
You feel yourself sighing,
And your motivation slacking.
Soon enough your deep secret,
Is too much to contain,
You find yourself telling him,
Hoping the spark might catch a flame.
You remember these feelings,
In a flash from the past,
Sadness fills you,
As it never got to last.
You wonder if those feelings,
Were as strong as they seemed,
That bliss even now,
Still feels like a dream.


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