If I could change the world, the value of a person wouldn't be measured by monetary value, but with the amount of radiating burning love that sped through their veins with desire. 

And wouldn't lose that love on a daily basis due to murder or drugs. We could keep it, squeeze it, and hold it right for eternity. 

I'd show the world the magic of what genuine love can do and how wondrous it's miracles can be. More than what any amount of money can purchase  

If I could change the world, we'd be a able to travel the ones we love without any trouble, regardless of the thousands of miles or other dimensions that existed in between. There would be no hard goodbyes. 

The world would see how violently unfair it is to restrict the life of an individual with a piece of paper. The elite would take the time to sit around and learn the life of the poor and maybe then their laws would be a bit more just. Maybe then they would see that the labels can be diminished. Maybe then the world we could measure worth by love. Maybe then those who control this world with the perspective of love's effect and they in return would teach the world to change for the better. It would change into the world it was meant to be all along. 


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