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Love is not a kiss and a hug. Love is expressed though a kiss and a hug.
Love is a treasure often kept close. It is more than an emotion, it gives hope.
From love to hope, a miracle can grow, but since it sprouts from love its more like fate sent from above. In our lives we experience much love, often unrecognized, you could say its like a dove. Pure and sift, quite and sweet. Love is pure, from no hatred does it meet. My grandmother developed Alzheimer’s Disease, which often put my grandfather at unease. Tasks became tough, but love was still there. Often seen though a simple kiss they would share. Young people today often use the word ‘love’ loosely, but when they find their one, they will know love truly.



I wrote this poem shortly after my grandma died. She developed Alzheimer's Disease and to help comfort her, my grandpa promised her to never leave her. He kept his promise and even at times when he was truly struggling he just worked though it. When the local parish refused to continue to give me grandma the Eucharist because the priest believed she didn't know what really was going on, my grandpa drove her an hour away to another parish who agreed to give her the sacrament. I believe that is love. Willing to do anything for the other person.

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