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(poems go Love, a feeling, a sentiment, a knowledge....
I love her.
Her scent. Her feel. Her touch.....
She awakens me, and frightens me, as she lies next to me.
My hand through her her hair.
My hands on her skin.
Her hands on my skin....

People say they understand.
People say they do not judge....
People lie.
I see their eyes when we hold hands.
I see their faces when we caress.
I see their judgments when they vote...
I see their lies.

No marriage for us,
No celebration of our love.
No white dresses and no cakes.
No one giving us away.
No walks down aisles,
It would cause too much of a fuss.
Our love is wrong,
Or so they say....

But, I will not hide.
I will not feel shame.
I will one day take her name.
I know our love.
I am certain of it.
Love, a feeling, a sentiment, a knowledge....
I love her and she loves me,
Despite what others think they may see.



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