I ask myself "who do you want to be?"/

Be the best emcee making hella money?/

Or become the lyricist who can make a few funnies/

Act like a dummy but impress with my cunning/

My vocab isn’t that great/

I even have some grammatical errors, don’t hate/

I speak with my heart, while my lips are sealed/

I don’t listen to music; it makes me feel/

Living in a life, controlled by the rich/

Telling me to do this or else get lynched/

I give people knowledge, while others penny-pinch/

I walk with open eyes, while others just squint/

A world of blindness that is not my vision/

Don’t believe everything from the television/

Ones in higher position give us opposition/

Now shut your ignorance up and just listen/


What you possess doesn’t make success/

No one is the best; no one is less/

You say that you’re better than me/

Cuz hate got you but not the best of me/

I wander open arms to learn from equals/

Observing narrow minds with brains so feeble/

Learn about authority actions that are illegal/

And realize the evils within our cathedrals/

Apply my words, or just toss it away/

And run back towards your hideaway/

Or you can join me and make the stay/

And we can pray and spray wisdom today/

Forget the flock, and fly on your own/

Understand the truth that is not known/

Become yourself, and what you want to be/

All you need is L.O.V.E./


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