Love is tossed around like a dirty rag                           

Without full thought as to what it really means

Walk into a church and it's said without a thought

They say "love your God with all your heart and love your neighbors too"

But I don't see that love, do you?


I'm not trying to hate or discriminate

No hatred or condemnation

Wouldn't that be the opposite of what I'm preaching?

No I'm writing this because they say "God is love" 

And yet we do things to others that's really fucked up


Agape, unconditional love

The love God has for us, the way we should love others

Agape isn't ignoring the negative and the sin

It's acceptance and love for others as you would love Him


We acknowledge that everyone is flawed 

No one is perfect

Yet we judge and condemn thinking we're any different

Let's stop spreading the hate and start spreading the love


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