How can you love someone when you don’t know what love is?

A question that sat heavy on my mind for days

Maybe love is something that come naturally to you 

“I ain't never been in love but I swear to god I want to love again”

Feeling the affection of someone else 

Feeling the need to have someone just there by your side at all times

Feeling a connection between someone you thought you would never have a connection between 

The warmth of someone presents 

The weakness of not being able to control how you feel against each other 

A drug that you cannot control if you get addicted 

A drug you cannot chose to take 

That is love

Love isn’t just a word 

It’s so much more powerful 

It has a different meaning than just a word we use to show affection 

It has a meaning only some have felt or experienced in a lifetime 

Love don’t happen to everyone 

Do you know the difference between being in love and having love?

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