Wed, 11/15/2017 - 15:27 -- Saffyre

I laugh that I think I could possibly describe the feeling you get when that one person walks into the room.

The emptiness when they aren't there.

The joy you feel when they text you.

The sadness you feel when something is wrong in their life.

The anger you feel when they are wronged.

The feeling you get when you realize that they love someone else.

When you let them go because you think it's best for them.

When they get their heart broken and you feel like an idiot for not protecting them properly.

The feeling of butterflies that are so much more than butterflies.

When you smile simple because you hear their name.

When you blush when they compliment you.

The urge to wrap them in a hug as soon as you see them.

The way your eyes light up when they ask about your day.

The way they can always make you smile even on your darkest days.

The way they make you feel like you could trust them with the world.

This is how I would describe love.

And I laugh at it.


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