Love Is

Love reminds me of a Spring Day

Just warm and light

Sun-kissed skin and soft pink lips

Green hues of bunches of fresh cut grass 

Your green eyes just reflect the sunlight

You rush in like a wave of cool air

Bringing calm to the gardens of one's mind

I've always felt safe around you 

There had never been a second guess of trustfulness 

Just honesty in its full form of bliss 

The world could be screaming 

And it all would be silenced by the sound of your lips

Love makes the seas halt with the same hands it uses to wipe away the waterfalls

It shields away the cruelty of man

Love is something that needs to be nurtured in order to grow

Like an infant, it must be cared for

Held in your hands tight

But not too tight

No, love is not suffocating

Love is the air in your lungs

Breathed in and then out

No, love does not ever shout

Love does not wrap around your wrist

Love does not make a fist

But wraps a tiny finger around your heartstrings and tugs

Love plays a soft melody

Always a lullaby to help you sleep

 Love saves lives

In fact, you've saved mine

I've never known love without a price

It has caused me to toss and turn at night

Cry at the moon and pray everything would be alright

But when I look at you, 

The flowers bloom and it is Spring time again



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