To Love...

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 02:28 -- KHarris

Love is not to use your words to cut through their skin like scissors through paper

Love is to not to build them up and tear them down like a sky scarper

Love is not to lead them to their downfall

Love is not to watch them fall to pieces and not do anything at all


It’s not to leave them in the dark all alone

It’s not to use your hateful words to snap their bones

It’s not to lead them in the world and abandon them there

It’s not to say that you love them and act like you don’t care


Love is not to gain their trust and throw into the sea

Love is not to make them have to beg and plead

Love is not to make loving them a chore

Love is not to make loving them a bore


Love is like hitting your face against the pavement

Love is what leaves you on the ground shocked in amazement

Love is the hands that treat your scrapes after you fall for them                    

Love is that feeling you never want to stay away from


It’s turning their fearful tears into a hopeful smile

It’s being there with them for the whole while

It’s like having someone to be there with you until the very end

It’s like finding yourself with in a friend


Love is being hurt, but not ever giving up and walking away

Love is being there and standing by their side every single day

Love is to tremble when they touch your skin

Love is to be grabbed and to feel like you’re being sent into a tailspin

Love should be trusting

Love should be caring

Love should be kind

Love should always be there all time

Because I love you means everything to me 

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Our world


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