Thu, 11/02/2017 - 00:03 -- desvr

Not romanitciszing but the rather friendly type of love. 

This was no self dependent type of contraption. 

I thought I'd be ok leaving you behind. 

But every step I take, the clicking my heels make remind me of the good old times

The moments where we shared laughter, tears, and plenty of more. 

Those cherishing moments lasted a minute. But it felt like a year being that spun like a tornado.

You were my illuminating light that shine upon my darkest nights. 

My beamind glimps of gold where blooming flowers grow. 

You are my friend in crime. My dreams I daze upon every so often day and night. 

But the saddest part is our distance is no longer in action. 

Your miles apart and Im going crazy by the sight. 

Lost our connection as children growing up. 

Time stood us up. 

I love you not in the romaticizing way. But in a way where

you will forever and longlasting be missing from the one that concieved poetry. 

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