In Love

At first,

he was overjoyed to accept 

the things these people told him.

He fell in love with the thought

of a God who would watch over

all of his pain

and all of his joy

and all of his struggles.


But then he met a girl

who thought the world

was our own making.

Who thought that pain happened for no reason

other than to hurt us, 

and that joy happened for no reason

other than to make us happy,

and that our struggles happened for no reason

other than to show us the world is hard.



he fell in love with the girl,

and in turn her thoughts.

He fell in love

with how she saw pain

and joy

and our struggles.

He fell in love 

with her smile

and with her hair

and with her laugh

and with her anger.


Soon though,

he realized

that her thoughts had poisoned

his whole being.

Whether good

or bad

he absorbed it all.

He started to fall in a pit,

so deep,

and so dark,

that he only knew he was alive

because he felt pain.

He couldn't see her anymore,

and had long forgotten his God.


So, as he lay in that pit,

he asked a question

that rang off the walls.

He said,

"Why did this happen,

and why am I here?"

And he remembered that God,

the one he gave up,

and had thrown away.

The one who gave him the answer to that question.


So, for the first time in a long time,

he looked up to the sky

and he said,

"I know that I haven't said anything,

in such a long time,

but Lord please,

help me."


Then a light filled the pit,

and he began to rise up.

He looked around,

and saw the world he had been in 

before he fell in love

with that girl.


So, he walked to find her,

and tell her about the world he was in now.

When he finally found her,

she was at the bottom of a pit too,

so he fell on his knees

and looked to the sky

and he said,

"I know that she's not the one

who is calling out to You,

but Lord please,

help her."


He watched as she came up

from the bottom

and met him.

She stared at the world around them,

and fell in love

with the God she didn't believe in.

This poem is about: 
My family


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