This is Love

A cloud of Turmoil

Stress can just soil

Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced

All the Dark Weather is 

Just of Satan's Teather

To Pull you in the 

Sand that quicks the

Despair of life that Creaks

You just might agree to

That voice within, the drippling

Of rain you hear is sin

Trying to block the sunshine 

That dries up all your fear

You say what Fear

What is Sin that it can matter to the World at all but you 

Know the world trips you to fall

The world is a beautiful rose you see

Pretty on the outside but piercing to thee, sin is what 

The world wants you to crave

But why the hate they might say

I want to live my way, but one

Day the waters of my prized luxury mire

The world had nothing I wanted to desire

What is my desire you might say

Well look up it may seem hard to believe

That I am specialand it is not conceived

We must have hope because of what we know

It is without a doubt the creator of the world that made the rainbow

High up above the clouds, so when you feel down look up and know 

That Jesus our Savior is that rainbow browned and tarnished at the ends

Who walked through the mire and hugged the rose of sin coivered with thorns till the end

And then it was finished our story and masterplan

And as he did this he thought of me

This Is Love


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Our world
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