Love. Love , it's a double edge sword. The kind of dog that'll bite you then lick the wounds clean. The kind of guy that'll say you're beautiful then in an instant turn to your friend and say the same.

At the same time , it's wonderful. A bliss unknown to the deep dark unwanted low self esteem that lurks within us all. waiting to pounce on the latest blemish and feast on it
like a dirty wolf , feasting growing. Eating at you.
But , love is like a light to the darkened wolf. Ending it with a swift blow.



It is true that love can try to destroy us, but it can conquer as well, and it's great that you put both sides of love into this poem.

Roberta m.

Thank you for reading my poem i hope you enjoyed it!


I definitely did! Your use of imagery in this poem is amazing, and you know how to get your point across to the reader in a very enjoyable and coherent manner.

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