Lovable Friend

I can tell when you are mad, sad, or depressed but there should be no stress for this beautiful princess. Listen here darlin don't start fallin and crawlin get back up and start ballin. Being with you is like when Michael Jackson singing Ben I'm here for you to the end and while we're living in a life of sin. When we had our ups and downs I'm willing to make amends be friends I'll give you my sweater so you can feel better. Put your fears away I'm here everyday your peers loves you always. This kid never had a mother and a father but what bothers me is how can I be an example for my sons and daughters. You understanding what I'm saying to you now. I'm praying for you now. Don't let the bullshit get you down. Get rid of that ugly ass frown. Some of these niggas are nothing but clowns. That's the ugly truth coming from this youth when your mind is blue I'll be here to make it bright as day I wish we can fly away to see a brighter day.

I'm battling my demons. My life needs cleaning. I'm tired of sining. It's only worse because I'm barely living. I'm staying alive for this woman. I would never die for this woman. Ima try to fly high to the sky for this woman. I'll take you out to dinner. Spend the night watching Martin and Gina. You have a beautiful face for a woman in our beautiful race. It'll be a disgrace if a man tries to step on you in your place. I love you from my soul my goal is to overcome my anger I need more self-control. I love you I'm sorry for the things I put you through I was a fool back in middle school I knew you'll be my best friend til the end. My real American Idol a young model with a body like a coke shaped bottle I would hate for us to be rivals. You had your emotions played around bitches trying to put you down these niggas are frightened now. You're beautiful and strong and all the things a nigga like me to see what you can be. Just remember you're memories will always be in my dreams.

When I look up to the moons and stars thinking about the good life and the fancy cars but at the end I rather be with my lovable friend.

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