Loudly Silent

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 12:46 -- am4567

The melanin of my chocolate skin 

Differs from the vanilla of my classmates 

I live in a land of imagination 

With the monsters of my insecurities



Why don't you play with the other kids?

Because they'll never understand me 

My lunch reeks of masala

My voice quivers when I speak



I'm a living contradiction 

The quiet, monotone robot girl 

The comedian who makes your abs hurt 

A bundle of intimidation 



Why don't you talk to them? 

Because they'll never understand me 

I like living in the comfort 

Inside the bubble of my brain



When I speak to my closest confidant 

I dig deep within my soul 

Speaking my heart into the air 

Connecting my brain to the world



She says I'm the realest 

The deepest of them all

Who relishes the power of truth 

When the world coats it with sugar 



Maybe my words are worth it 

Maybe they'll understand me 

The time bomb of life ticks on 

And I will give it all of me, I think 



Each breath of air is my chance 

I fill my silence with opinions

My words as strong as brick 

Maybe one day, they'll really understand me






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