Lou the Knowledgeable Dragon

Legends about dragons tell of fearsome beasts,

Who were rumored to have human feasts,

However these tales are not even relatively true,

For I know a nice dragon named Lou,

He has just two colors; green and red,

And the knowledge he’s accumulated is something to wrap around one’s head,

Whether it be algebra,

Or the history of Africa,

It seems he knows it all,

He loves to learn every little fact; it doesn’t matter how irrelevantly small,

He can sing songs in Pig Latin,

And he even knows every chemical and element in a strand of satin,

But how did he discover all these secrets he stores in his brain?

Can it be found in the grass or in the rain?

In a way, yes, they can,

But Lou used something more useful which is available to every man,

It’s rectangular and made of paper filled with words if you take a look,

He calls them knowledge boxes but we call them books,

He reads fiction and nonfiction alike,

He even writes and reads stories for his best friend Mike,

He stays in the library hour after hour,

Reading and stacking books into a rather high tower,

Now if everybody could be

Just a big a reader as Lou, my dragon buddy.



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