Lost in the Woods


In that forest deep and green

They came across a maiden

Unlike anything they'd ever seen

With gold and jewels was laden


With words of honey she led them

Deep into the wood

And in the darkness she left the men

Exactly where they stood


They struggled to find light

And cried amidst the trees

But they wained inside the night

The woods silent against their pleas


At last all hope was lost

Unto despair they fell

Collapsed upon the ground

Gasping in dense air


But in that dreadful hour

Another lady did appear

Full of love and of compassion

She made the darkness disappear


With a voice as soft and cool as rain

She sang to them a song

A song of sunshine and of spring

That restored the peace they'd longed


Through the leaves

Of the tallest trees

The sunlight filtered through

And fell upon her golden hair

That sparkled like the dew


Her smile was like the dawn

Her eyes were as the moon

The sight of her had filled the men

With a joy they never knew


She led them to the forest's end

And there bid them farewell

But to this day a fairer maid

They never have beheld


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