Lost in thought

A cloud in my mind, like that you would see on a gentle summer day.
Twisting,turning,changing each moment a new thought more entrancing then the last
Simple though like the memory's of a child .
A red kite caught in the wind blows by
Holds in frame for just a second
Each moment is a flash of your past
Connections you have made in heart,mind and soul
Living in each moment as you see it
With each moment you become it
Each experience giving life to something new
Something beautiful completely in its own way
Holding deep to a breathe taken of a flower
Senses filled with a stir of delight
Letting go of worries
Feeling the might of having your own hold on reality
While still letting your grasp loosen
Pondering your place in this reality
While still knowing it
But growing from it and growing with it
Clouds blowing in the breeze
Letting down the rain
Each droplet a memory simply put... Sad
But each falls to the ground and nurtures the rose
To give growth and beauty each in its own way
Each floating on its own path like the kite
Being lifted by the breeze
Held strong in a childhood memory
To give life to moments in memory's to come
A moment in a mind , an instance in time left behind

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