Lost to The Sound

The sound surrounds me thus superfluous movements consume the proximity. Supercilious proxies place themselves above me like an Aurora of boreal proportions, unorthodox luminescence provide unimaginable distortions. Bounds and waves are made in an astounding manner, conversing back and forth between the rhythm creating constant sonic banter. Fluctuations in the atmosphere alternate the tempo and movements that determine the next step. Steadily moving fast and slow up and down attempting to keep my stability in check.  Actuality and Reality no longer have bearing, the hearts acceleration parallel with the eyes bolting, muscles flexing and nostrils flaring. Terra, Luna and Sol dissipate and the conversation continues absolutely unaware of their absence. The pattern of audio bombardment switch swiftly calling forth new actions that are made. Eyes close and even the current plane of existence proceeds to fade. Published pulses on a paper made of motion, a vice, a habit, an addiction, great grounds of devotion. Gallant and peaceful, brave, petrified and terrifying itself the beast breaking normality constructing a new environment from its constraints. Duality in these motions questioned with the possession of Demons and Saints. A righteous Ritual rendered and an unholy entry untouched by society. Sounds of seizure, life, Death, sadness, pain, insanity, elation, strength, health and sobriety. Variation is a simple task and entangled in the definition, although defining lays between silver lining bordering superstition. Every soul affected perceives this world in a different light, whether it be radiant or fading, detested or liked. Centuries, millenia and eons speed by but extra sensory reactions seemingly never fail. Along the ocean cruising with no world, wind or sail. Flawless evocation Is executed beyond the masses leaving them perverse. All this advocation diluted left with nothing but the obverse. Perpetually controversial and contraception is an impossibility. Beings try to regulate overwhelmed by their fictional responsibility. Culture consumed and interpretation now wields the reigns. Altered in every way possible evaporating all emotions of disdain. Generations digest the historic information to innovate and progress. Expanding horizons as well as the reasoning behind the expressed. Suppression lasts over time but boundaries shattered have allowed the subject to flourish, from the days of constriction and conduct to todays individuality encouraged. Very few items are equally encountered making masters empowered and confident planning preparations for an encore. Dancing till the death of me, until this world truly is. No. More. 

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