Lost in a sea


Lost in my sea of thoughts both good and bad

mind cracking ready to break

am i mentally insane no i just have a issues lots of them but my mind is an ocean that anyone can 

get lost in a sea of  unholy thoughts as one would say 

me a person that wishes death maybe thats why i love icp so much

i may be alive but barely

im only here for the ones that love me

looking in the past smiling at good times but i wish for my mind to break

be free from all these thoughts that bring tears to my eyes

stuck in the past  lost in my future crying tears that shouldn't be shead

Thinking things that shouldn't be falling into the sea and letting myself sink

looking at the last of the shine before a sea of black takes me

opening my cold dead eyes i see hands pulling me looking down i see people pushing me

out of this sea

making me strong giving me strength to be me telling me that whenever you fall to the sea

we will be here to pull you out keeping and watching you grow traveling in the sea together

thank you guys for helping me be me 


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