Lost Puppy

In my head : It's Tuesday evening
on a Saturday night
I'm not drunk,high or tipsy
I'm just fine, trust me I'm alright

One thing leads to another
somebody passed me a smoke
that was a week ago
right now I'm selling dope

emotions are everywhere
I go from happy to sad ,from pissed to mad
I almost shot this dude
'cause he looked like my no good dad

I started sniffing everything
the only thing i knew
was that everything was white
but it made me feel blue

I didn't have a drug addition
I knew what i was doing
from the drink in my hand
to the smoke i was brewing

don't feel sorry and give me money
you know what I'll do
I'll buy a new blunt
and not even share a puff with you

forget all that crap
about puff,puff,pass
Ive got a years worth
but its not going to last

Moms kicked me out
dads no where to be found
I'm on my own, all alone
like a lost puppy in the pound


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