The Lost of My Generation

Tue, 03/07/2017 - 12:50 -- npaige1

The hot sun is constantly shining, creating burns worse than fire

Always being put to work, we were more than tired

Whips tearing the skin from backs

Getting yelled at about everything we lacked

Our history will soon make an impact


From out of the smoke we will rise
From the weight of the chains to the sound of the trains....
We will transform together so that we will gain

Everyone around me is dropping like flies
Soon this generation will no longer be mine
From the dirty jail cells, no justification, yellow police tape, and our people committing crimes
We will no longer exist unless we come together in time

Mothers in front of news reporters crying their cries
Reaching out their hands asking for mine
People gather around to say their goodbyes to another lost child

Another life lost to gun violence, riots, police brutality and gang wars
I'm tired of seeing my generation lying on the floor
It's not something I can say I adore
It was never like this before
And this generation is soon to be done for
So let's stand together as one and let them know that we are one

And we don't want this war

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My community


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