Lost Little Third Grader




                    Thank you

                     For all that you did

                     You turned books from my worst enemy into stories from my wise grandmother

                     You turned wine into water,right in front of my very eyes

                     My dungeon known as school to my safe haven now appreciated as education

                     Made me proud when I was to scared to fail

                     Took a diamond in the rust and transformed it to pure solid gold

                     Held my head high when  it was about to fall

                     Helped a dandelion plant some roots

                     When she knew she’d be forced to fly of into the next breeze

                     But that’s okay because you taught her how to dream

                     You didn’t depict her with the same black and white brush the others did

                     Instead you used gold and light pink and all the the colors she loved the most

                     See you saw a dreamer and turned her into a scholar

                     You came across weeds and gave it fertilizer to grow

                     And in a week it grew into a white rose

                     In your eyes you didn't see a slacker, you envisioned a girl

                    A person with feelings,emotions,and every other complicated thing in between

                    Your eyes weren’t corrupt,so you didn’t see a number a future test taker, or even a        

                    one year student

                    You saw me

                    So thank you Mrs.Savage

                    You truly saw me



Reign Johnson


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