Lost Inside

The world is dark with nowhere

to go.  Insanity is rising, population is declining.  Trust is lost among our people.  Constantly hiding from all the insanity and praying for our lives.  We look up in the sky and all we see is light but we look inside our hearts and all we see is dark.  We look around and all we see is fear, there is no love there is no trust but there is hope.  We know our strength we know our courage all we need is a little assurance.  Even with this we have our doubts of overcoming such a devastating catastrophe.  We don’t understand what we did to deserve such of a punishment… What did we do?

Lybia….4 months ago…..

Our ruler was outraged, the reasoning is unknown.  No one can talk or speak on the subject if we are found talking on the subject our sentence could be death or torture.  People are roaming the streets trying to escape but there is no way out.  Little kids are lost without their parents and are scared to death of what will happen.  They have no guidance they have no hope all they have is themselves.  We see it in there cold dark eyes, the fear of the dark world is against them.  It is the worst it has ever been people are being killed left and right and we don’t know why.  What horrible person would want to do this to their own people?  There’s been word around our streets that citizens are being taken by force to rule against their own people.  If they deny joining forces with their ruler they will serve the death penalty.  By fear people are joining making the army stronger.  Therefore, the population has been declining.

Lybia….2 months ago….

We were scavenging for food one day when a couple of Lybians captured us and brought us to their database.  They threw us in their jeeps tying our hands and feet up with a splintering rope.  To make it worse they blind folded us with a dirty bandana.  We were frightened without our sight, lost with no direction. A sudden stop jerked us forward, realizing the jeep has finally stopped.  Making us wonder where we were being taken. They opened the door with force, all we heard is hollering, we knew we were in danger.  Silence in our mind came upon us both.

Lybia….1 month & 29 days ago….

Our eyes opened to a dark cold place. The rope was gone the chains were rattling every move we make.  We looked down to the metal covering our feet and wrists.  The feeling of confusion is among us. Remembering the stories our father has told us when he was imprisoned during theWar, we knew exactly where we were at.  We were in jail, imprisoned by our own people. 

Lybia….1 month ago….

Awoken by an earth shaking explosion, we heard the horror of all the Lybians and there captured people screaming and running with rage. Fear encountered us as we were chained down to the collapsing walls in every direction. Surprisingly, we were cut from our chains. A tall, fit, unknown man with his face covered with a black bandana was the one who saved our lives.  At least giving us hope to escape this terror.  Sprinting for our freedom we escaped the jail.  Stopping was not an option, we were determined that the enemies would have to kill us before we would ever stop.

Lybia….Current day….

Our escape was complete….until now….we have been found….




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