The Lost Girl Hunt

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:53 -- Nada 6M


            “Are u lost little girl”, the mysterious guy said. I ran even faster trying to avoid him. I was running around the park, not realizing it was better to say still. I could hear my mom calling me, but I thought it was coming from the other side. I realized then and there that I should’ve listened to my parents, as regret filled me.


             It all started one sunny Friday, as I was playing recklessly. My parents and my friend’s parents were taking care of the barbeque, while my friend and I played hide and seek, tag, and all sorts of games “Don’t go too far”, my mom said. I was too caught up in playing, I ran even further, thinking my friend was behind me. I finally looked around, and didn’t find anybody. “Maybe I should’ve not played far”, I said to myself as regret was filling me. I should’ve not been so reckless.


             Nervous and lost, I had no idea what to do. I took a good look around, but I could only see the crowded park, but not my parents. I decided to scream, thinking my parents could hear me, but all I heard back was my loud echo and all the chatter coming from the people. I tried looking all around, but I didn’t know the park well, and didn’t even know my mom’s phone number. Despite how worried I was, I realized my parents are way more worried than I was. Still lost, I decided to buy an ice-cream with the money I had and relax for a bit.


             My parents were scanning the park all around for me. They decided to take my friend’s parents and divide themselves into groups so it would be easier to find me. Each group then took a different a different part of the park, and searched for me. My mom finally saw me from a distance eating my ice-cream and crying. I was so relieves my parents found me. I was so happy I felt all my worries go away. My parents turned out to be an amazing scout team.


          After that incident I never stayed away from my parents again. I still sometimes rebel against them, but I know they only want the best for me. In the end, I still learned that I should always listen to them no matter what.

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