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My heart speaks a million words per beat wanting and craving that ever lifting dream my heart desires more then your attention my being wants you your whole soul no secrets It's hard to find that one individual That one person who will be willing to give you everything to be a thought in your mind your soul your heart the min you open your eyes each day nobody loves like i do where every breath i take is for you because my existence has purpose to make you happy but where is my love like that? why can't i find love like that? why am i the only one giving love like that i want to be the number one the only one your main priority but maybe that doesn't happy in this day of age i'm fooling myself to think its possibly i love hard and that's my achilles heel because once its not reciprocated i fall apart at the seams back into the dark hole in beliefs i don't deserve it i'm not worth it and nothing will ever be better i aspire for love even though i shouldn't because its simply all i want in life to be loved ''agape'' unconditionally with no limits love me for me don't try to change me fix me design me i am the individual you fell in love with and the individual you will continue to fall in love with. but again maybe like i said this doesn't happen anymore in this day of age just a fairy tale in the back of my mind.

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