Lost, even if she is me


Her mind wanders off into a zone of its own.

Imagining how life could be different, yet tired of it all.

All the arguing, all the hypocritical attitudes, all the negativity.

the thought of it all being over.

How can everything be so great one moment and then,

the kingdom falls into a billion pieces?

She is stuck trying to figure the puzzle out,

no idea of how to put the pieces together.

It is not her job- she is exhausted!

A replay of the same old stupid arguments.

The days fly by and nothing ever changes!

What happened to the "Everything will be different!!"


No, but they are the "PERFECT" family...

Do not be fooled by the image they portray.

She marks the days off starting to plan a way out,

because that is what she wants- what she needs.

She is lost with no where to go; in her own zone.

She sits there in solitude holding herself, so she will not fall.

She is tired of hiding, tired of running, tired of the secrets that sink her in.

When will it ever stop?!

You broke her leaving an absence inside.

She holds it all within, and no one has a clue but her.

No place to really call home, where she is from not even she knows.

She got lost throughout the roads.







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