Lost Daughters

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 22:20 -- Nubian

Inspire me to be more than what society sees.
A simple dimple or the twinkle of an eye can surely decieve.

Teach me to be more than just a fun time, or a fast path to cash.
I wanna be loved, give me something that will last.

Show me how to be more than a woman to a man that is worthy enough.
Pressure me into perfection,I'm a diamond in the rough.

Teach me please, I can't do this thing on my own.
I'm depending on you now, so I can be independent when I'm grown.

Mentor me, teach me what it took your whole life to learn.
In time I'll shine, through me you'll be proven devine in return.

The lost daughters of the world need to that wisdom.

So when the time ticks towards wedding bells, we can pick the right one.

And When we see a snake we know better than to pet it, we can run.

Women have abandoned their duty of being a walking example.
Leaving the observing eyes clueless when it comes to this love gamble.

Their words and actions fight for a position in their truth. Leaving the innocent minds dumb to the Don'ts and Do's.

We could ask them to change their ways, but many are lost daughters as well;

Refusing to admit their true insecurities,
So their immaturity fools,
leaving young daughters perpetuated in the cycle that society says is cool.


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