Lost in the Darkness, Stumbling For Light


United States
47° 33' 10.8756" N, 120° 34' 54.9804" W

We're so tired of this world and all its' evil,
Tired of the horrible and fake people
Tired of the murder, the lies, and all the pain,
Tired of the bullying, the cheating, the earthly ways
Yet we are the pieces in this board game,
We allow ourselves to be moved by a bigger force, one that has no shame
We conform, we adapt, and mask who we are,
Leave our true identity and walk into the dark,
But really we are losing our self-control,
Losing all willpower- our lives in someone else’s hold
We become the most deadly weapons- an evil spirit with a deceptive face
We allow the world to take control, blinding us with its mace
We begin to hate and to act on our evil ways
Whether it’s by hitting our wives, or bombing a place
When we allow the world to have its’ way,
We sell ourselves to Satan, and enter hell’s gates
This new darkness we enter into,
Becomes too overpowering, we can’t get loose
We search, but we stumble trying to escape,
This place lacks light, we can’t see the right way
But even though we all enter this trap,
Some of us find the exit route,
Saving their soul, and their humanity,
They find the light that we long to see
They overcome the darkness within,
And even though they live still with sin,
They find a way to stay in the light,
A difficult journey, but one with an amazing prize
They learn to love, and practice good,
They become a light themselves, and like a good light house should
They will guide the lost back,
All these saved people- one purpose they have
And that is to help the lost climb out of the dark hole
So that they too can become lights in this upside down world.


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