Lost Child of Society

Once there was a kid

He was so lost in the world

He did not understand the unspoken rules

He did not know why people looked at him funny

Or why females clutched their purses while he walked by

He was confused when his mom sat him down on his 14 birthday

You are grown now she said

You have to understand

Understand that your skin will be the reason

The reason for you being in jail or dead

The reason for you being harassed

Harassed by the ones who pledge to protect you from harm

The harm that they caused

Understand when we say justice for all

That people like us are not included as all

Once there was a kid

Who grew up knowing America was against him

Just because of his skin he did not choose

He figured out that he will never be equal in the eyes of America


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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