Lost Boy

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 05:04 -- oc117

Though homey and quiant, the house in the tree

Peter burst out laughing, maniacally 

The lost boys asked him of problems that be

His only response was "Sit around the fire, and see."


With a flick of his wrist, from his satchel was thrown

A handful of powder, through the fire it shown

A painting in smoke, that told of the past

The lost boys sat around, their faces aghast


As the flames died down, at Peter they looked

For the visions in flame, told a tale of Mr. Hook

Many years prior, before the captain became a crook

Peter killed his parents, his soul Peter shook


One by one, the lost boys would get up and leave

Peter laughed as they walked on this darkest eve

"I'll kill you all too! You better believe!"

"I'll take all you love, if you don't concede"


But still they kept walking, they emptied the tree.

Peter kept laughing, but he did not see

That Hook was still coming

and friends he'd soon need.


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