Lost and Found

I have both found myself and lost myself in a year.


I found myself in performing.

In marching on a field with over a hundred other people just like me.

I discovered my passion.


I found the career I want to pursue.

The field of helping those who cannot help themselves.

I want to be a social worker.


I found the people I want to surround myself with.

The band nerds and guard girls are my true family.

From the hot summer days to the bright stadium lights.


I found my loved ones.

In my true time of need they stayed.

I am so grateful for all of them.  


I also lost myself.

I became enveloped in a boy who is below me.

He ruined who I once was.


I lost the full mobility in my arm, the one thing I need for my passion.

I dislocated my shoulder doing what I love, color guard.


I lost the hope I once had in humanity.

Thank you Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  


I lost my independence and strength.

I feel weak and incapable now.


I lost myself but I am slowly finding my way.

Maybe not to who I once was but I am

On my way to somewhere.


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