I am lost.

Lost in a world that only sees shades and could care less about you if you don't have the best grades.

Drowning in a sea of people that should unite under King's dream but can't stop from killing one another.

A dying race.. lost.

Lost in a system set up for our failure yet we hold the key to over-ride the system.

I am here.

Standing inbetween my destiny and what the royal blues have planned for me.

They send rays of hate at me.

I am lost.

Lost in a community that would rather tear down the ball courts and bang their gangs as the toughest in the streets.

Surrounded by the very people I look to for strength but they're so caught up in the demonic world of Jordan release dates and Versace belts.

I am lost.

Lost in an army of girls that can't see their self worth.

Lost in an army of woman who can't see how beautiful their african roots are.

Lost in a worl that says kinks an coils are not beautiful because the latest Minaj insits on a needle and thread.

I am lost because I am different.

I am lost because I am me.


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