The memories are scattered,

But are they really memories? 

How am I to know they are not just,

Stories made from photos:


That time we got bunnies and they were soft,

And they scared me. 

And the neighbor's dogs ate them

And then we did not have bunnies.


That time we went to Hollywild and it smelled,

And there were enormous ostriches.

And one was white

And we haven't been back since.


Those nights we would go to the lake and it was summer,

And we would swim.

And the fish would nibble at our legs

And I can't remember being that happy.


Can't remember --

Seeing You that happy.


And remembering is painful

What is lost cannot be regained.

Can we not be the way we were?

Can You not see past Your pain?


And maybe -- MAYBE I'M SELFISH.

For being ANGRY that You're ANGRY.

For wanting to be HAPPY.

For wanting to relive a memory.


Because I know.

And I know that You know.

That what is lost cannot be regained.


And my pain is your pain.

And my loss is your loss.

And all I want is to relive.

Relive a memory with you.


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