Loss and Thoughts

Caught between my thoughts and  what is real

I look up to the starry sky
Angels don't use Wings to flutter

they only fly,

Sometimes i cry and ask God why loved ones must die
Bittersweet thoughts of past memories linger by
While my heart rests on the rocking chair nearby


Folded cotton t-shirts and strong scents of green tea

Why me? I’ve never been good at getting over lost things

Did i ever tell you that I made her an orange paper ring

Some people tell me i'm to dramatic

Others tell me in just extra

I am who i am

I use my actions to express my reflection

Mom once told me, Natalie look into the water and thats where u can find peace
Pieces of peaceful broken fragments are thrown in

They forever sink deep

We sat in the car listening to the crashing waves

No happy music playing to distract her from her pain

Her tears rolled down and she talked to me about faith

The faith she had already lost in the struggles of today


Staring into the distance I was simply paralyzed

I realized at a young age there was nothing could do to restore the fair in life


This poem is about: 
My family
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