Losing Touch


Losing Touch

My feet glued to the slippery wet road underneath me.

Coldness hovers over me as I shiver like an iceticle

The cops strength in his arm felt like he was wrestling a pound of steel

It tasted salty and felt hard between them two

My tio had a mix of emotions, mostly fear and sorrowness.

His diamond tears flooded the hood of the car as he laid his head down in an ocean body


Red and Blue lights flashed behind me repeatedly

Other cars passed by as they decrease their speed

The shocking looks on their faces, as their mouth opened widely, was impossible to forget.

Their circular faces looked as if they never seen anything like this before.

Anger reaches the cop while he wrestling the big lonely bear

He has hid from black lightning

Had gulped when there was a loud but silent knock on the door.

The crazy cop laughed inside while pulling out the hurricane tazer.

My tios face turned pale and it felt like the whole world came down on him

The pair of metal handcuffs wrap around the powerful touch

I watched him and heard the tightening of the cuffs as they tug on his wrists

The struggle to get my tio in the car was impossible and hard as a rock.

The tingling in my fingers showed I was deeply afraid

My heart was beating so fast, I felt the hatred grow toward the evil cops.

While the bird eagle followed quickly behind, I hear a soft hurtful cry.

My nana almost drowned in her own tears.

My mind spun in circles while watching her cry.

Her thoughts ran in and out of her mind as she knew the outcome wasn’t going to be good.

I saw the sick fear in his face even though the police sped away with him.

The streets were flooded with rain.

Anger penetrates me as the mist from the tires fell from the rain

Screeching tires flew around every corner, while my stomach flipped.

The ghost field disappeared within minutes

My life fell thousands of feet from the sky while the police took the missing piece out of my life.


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