Losing My Mind


My head is spinning like a top,

My ankles throb,

My feet can't stop.


There's insects in my mind,

Buzzing and whirling, 

Clogging my ears,

And making my eyes tear. 


          Make it stop.


I'm the headless horsemen.

I lost my head in the battle.


Where are my thoughts? 

Where is my head? 


            Searching and Seizing,

Engulfing the flies,

Phagotizing the words,

Pinocizing the sentences.


There are insects in my brain.

They come out to play

To wreck havoc on my brain


I lay in bed 

and feel them crawl 

        all over me. 


She swats her arms and legs,

Rams her hands upon her skull,

             They don't stop.

They crawl out of her eyes like tears,

They run out of her nose,

They clog her ears.


I am the headless horsemen.

I lost my head in the battle

          and I can't find it. 




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