Losing Faith

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 22:29 -- gcunyus

the little girl bows her head
bow your head, pray for your heart
pray for your soul
it beats in rich wine within your breast
pray to your savior
pray to your savior for salvation
know the words
the faces
and his ways
know your savior better than you know yourself
But do not lose your mind because you are a gift your are ideas wrapped in beauty surrounded by air there are no rules you cannot break beautiful words are your prayer.
hold on as tightly as you held on me
the women bow in fear
in hope
in patient desperation
she holds to hope
grasps her gratitude
What do you pray for?
the little girl who bows her head.



My father is a minister so prayer has had many different meanings to me. It's interesting to think about the way religion changes families in good and bad ways.

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