Lord, rest me not…!



The malice human
Injects hatred, and
My body full of strength;
The heart blessed with patience,
Conjoin the pace.

I have yet a work to do;
To heal the maladies through
My soul; crystallized in a word
You read; the pity one!

I have yet a prayer to perform;
To light the niche in your heart,
As dark as zircon,
With the blessed oil of Galilee
Of my realm

Lord, rest me not…

I have yet to sleep
For the enemy while he strives
To make a hole in the waterfall;
And the Spirit beside
With the shade-making wings
He stretches; while I read
The scriptures of the martyrs
For the better human

Lord, rest me not…

As I heal with Love and
Meticulously hide this as;
What the Human calls the “Sin”
And the Soul beside
As fresh- shaded tree of eternal;
Where the lips
Meet the forehead and
Sparks another star
For the unborn

Lord, rest me not…

As I want to teach
What beautiful creature You made
And the “I” beside; the ray- spreading
Shows the value of Gratitude
for the mislead.

Lord, rest me not…

Today is my wedding
With your Attributes
The unison we shall rejoice
for eternity and a day more.


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