loosing my poetry


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I met u n I wrote a poem about wanting to see u again just to be close to ur grace and how u put smiles on my face
I got to know u n I wrote a poem about how I loved to talk to u n how I couldnt take my eyes off of u like a hawk on its pray
U gave me my first kiss I wrote 3 long poems about ur lips
When u caressed my hips for the first time I wrote in my book of secrets the way u made me feel weak and something like a freak..
the first time we made love I read my friends the story that I wrote while u slept next to me ...u no this story the strokes the pokes the licks and flips that made my river over flow my bed sheets
the first time we had a disagreement the yells n go to hells that we didn't mean I wrote that scene on paper like a movie on the big screen
The time I caught u creeping the sad song I listened to saying I should of cheated made me write my own on how much I wanted to leave u
The first time I took u back out of multiple times I wrote on a tissue filled with my tears I'm a fool for love
the time I finally had the strength to leave I pulled out my pen n pad n ran out of words ink dried up like a farmers land with out water
hands went numb like novicane was running threw my veins
finally wrote something down but before I could get to the next word my letters disappeared from the lines that I just coulnt read between.
then came the nightmare In my dreams
Ill be loosing my poetry if I decide to leave



This is such a powerful poem and really shows how poets write about everything that happens to them, and how writing is an escape and a way to express their true thoughts. Great job!


Thank u ..its more to come


That was very beautiful. It had so many emotions tied into it, i absolutely loved it. You definitly have a way with words. The way you expressed yourself was phenominal and i cant wait to read more! Amazing work!!

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