In the Loop

We got on at Dempster
and made our way around the loop.
Everything was at our fingertips:
deep maroon downy vests and
cream colored cashmere hats and
a new pair of Vans in any color
you could imagine. And
the food: Thai Chinese
Mexican French Italian Indian
fast food fancy food
somewhere-in-between food. And
the bars: arcade bars
club bars music bars
trendy bars dive bars
club-member-only bars. And
somehow in that loop
we all got sucked in:
our peripherals were blackened
by city-supplied blinders and
we ignored the people
to our left and to our right
because there were just too many and
we didn’t want to see them. And
instead we sought to buy the things and
the food and the drinks
thinking they would make us happy.


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